Why do you need a website for your Property?

The honest answer – maybe you don’t!

In fact up until about a year or so ago, I would have steered most people away from having a custom website built specifically for their Holiday Rental Property. At least inicially.

The Primary reason … costs. A website might not be the best place to start  spending your advertising dolars (or pounds or euros or pesos etc.).

The larger Holiday Lettings websites hold the top positions in the search engines. They spend a lot of money to maintain their high rankings and it is unlikely you will ever have a website which can compete with those rankings – at least for the most searched-for keywords which may apply to your property.

It depends on where your property is located, but for most locations I would suggest initially advertising on one of these sites. Home away – Owners Direct – Holiday Lettings.co.uk to name a few of the biggest. (These are not affiliate links and I do not get paid any commission for promoting them. I do so only because I know they can be very effective). Your initial advertising budget will probably see a higher return by using one of these to get started.

But if you plan to be renting your Holiday Home for many years to come, a website hosted on it’s own domain is  a prudent investment. Especially now that costs have come down dramatically over the past several years.

With your own Property Website you will be able to:

  • More effectively convey the “personality” of your property.
  • Use more photos, use different fonts (you would be surprised at how the correct choice of fonts can better grab attention) and colors, and graphics, ect.. Which results in being able create a much more compelling presentation of your property.
  • Have a permanent Web Address for your property. You may change third party Holiday rental sites, but by always leaving a link back to your own site you will over time establish your site and build it’s own relevance with the search engines.
  • Have business cards or flyers made with your Property’s Web Address.
  • Exchange links with local businesses or even friends, to get even more exposure to your Property.
  • Use traditional print media to advertise your website/property. (Still very effective in many markets).
  • Share more information and history about the country/location of your Holiday Property.
  • and the list goes on and on!


Drop us a  note via the contact form or email us directly at info@myholidayproperty.com, and let us help market your Holiday Property.


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