Single Page Interface

Seamless Single Page website or Single Page Interface (SPI) – is The perfect solution for the Holiday Property Website.

Today’s typical websites have several things in common. Usually a large image slider at the top, a main body of text/images on the “Home page” and a sidebar with various links and images and other downright distracting elements. And from there you are directed out to numerous separate pages and/or posts.

This isn’t necessarily the most effective way to showcase your property.

A websites ultimate purpose is to induce your target audience to take an action. In the case of a Property Website, that action is to book your home for their holiday.

And the way we go about achieving that objective, the way we convince someone to choose our property over the thousands of others out there, is to tell a story. And a Single Page Interface design can be an incredibly effective way to do that.

Firstly, it removes the clunky, page-jumping mode of engagement a more traditional Page/Post based site provides, creating a seamless story that flows from beginning to end.

And secondly, this format also forces the website owner to focus their vision and clarify their message. The result is a much clearer and more powerful “story” than if it were scattered among a home page, about page, area attractions page, gallery pages, etc.

Also, it is important to recognize that our web browsing habits are changing. People in general spend more and more time online and visit many more sites than ever before. So if you don’t capture your visitors attention immediately, and then deliver an enjoyable user experience, they will likely move on.

There is no one size fits all or one type of site that is best for everyone, but a Single Page Interface is generally a perfect fit for Property Rental websites. Among the many benefits of an SPI, they can provide:

  • Better User Experience. As already mentioned, the Single Page Interface makes for a smoother user experience. The entire “Story” is at the visitors fingertips. And if that story is told well, the user will be compelled to follow to the end (where your booking/contact form is).
  • A focus on Quality over Quantity. Often times I have clients who initially think that “more is better”. Even after their site includes every imaginable piece of information about their property and the surrounding area, they feel a need to add yet more information. They think more pages = a better site, when in fact the opposite can be true. An SPI forces the message to be focused.
  • Navigation is much easier and faster. Users don’t have to wait for new pages to load or to go back to previous pages. All relevant information is only a scroll away. And this is especially important on mobile devices, which account for a constantly growing percentage of internet users.
  • Much more Cost effective! Our SPI websites not only provide all of the benefits listed above, they are also much less expensive. We can build a stunning, focused, fast loading responsive site in a shorter time, and because of that time savings , your costs are considerably less.

If you think this solution might be perfect for you, contact us and let us show you how we can help.


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